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"My daughter is involved with Forefront Arts and she loves it!!! Elizabeth Blakemore is fantastic and my daughter has really grown and found something that she loves."  -- Amanda

"(Anu has) been LOVING the class already and can't wait for Monday nights to roll around." -- Kushika

"My daughter has absolutely loved her class and practiced for the spring showcase, I'm not kidding, every single day! We are proficient in the Lion King!" -- Elizabeth

"Sidra SO enjoys your classes. It has really been so beneficial for her.....she has been asked to be the MC at her school talent show (in addition to performing!) and she herself said, "Boy, those acting classes really paid off!" I am envious of her ability to get in front of a crowd" -- Holly

"Drake really enjoyed the class and has asked to go back several times last week. We will see you at 4:30 today!" -- Julie

“Liam just loves Mr Patrick and drama. He says it is his favorite thing about school at Kingfisher Academy. He particularly likes the drama games they play.” -- Rachael

"Julia is enjoying her class with Miss Stephanie!  Thank you for offering a great class at NGHE for all ages!"  -- Maren

"Thank you so much for the time you have given to my children over the years. They love your class and I have really seen a difference in their character as they have been opening up in your class."
-- Tara

About our Teaching Artist, Mr Patrick:  He does a great job and Campbell thoroughly loves going to drama class and loves Mr. Patrick. He really relates well to the kids and makes it fun too!" -- Kristi

"Savannah loves being in your classes!  It is the highlight of her week!" -- Kim

"My husband and I want to thank you for the fabulous plays that the kids performed on Wednesday night at Summit Academy.  Our Elizabeth has really grown in poise and confidence, and we attribute much of that to her experience in your drama class. So, thank you so much for your good influence in our daughter’s life!" -- Stacey

"Thanks so much for what you're doing with the kids. I can't even begin to tell you how much Anna Beth adores drama class. I haven't seen her so ramped up about an activity before!" -- Jenny

"Peighton asks every day when the next class is.  She LOVES it!" -- Yasmeen

"(My daughter) recently signed up and attended one class at the Chamblee location. She absolutely loved it, and has been singing "Oompa, Oompa" constantly and also running "up stage" and "down stage" and this is just from one class. She is hooked and I was very impressed." -- Nikki

"We had a very positive response with Mr. Andrew.  He seems to be a really good fit for our school and I look forward to another great session."  -- Mickey Phillips Black, after-school coordinator, Arbor Montessori

"McKenna and Kailey are LOVING the class. I am so excited for them. Thank you for your enthusiasm as it is rubbing off on them."  -- Amy

"Highly recommend - my daughter did classes at Keswick Park this fall and LOVED it!" -- Barbara 

"We look forward to next Fall with you guys again. Savannah has enjoyed the class and I can't wait to see her play.  Thank you!"  -- Tish

"Thank you for all that you do to make Creative Dramatics fun for the kids. Liliana loves it." -- Marlies

"My daughter attends Forefront Arts class at the Lawrenceville campus of the Summit Academy and is loving participating in Suessical this semester. For any of the moms out there Forefront is excellent I highly recomend them. My daughter is 7 and we enrolled her to help her overcome a fear of public speaking. To say she is over that fear is an understatement. Now she wants to act and sing. Thank you again for your care and teaching of Belle." -- Elaine

"Isa absolutely loves her class!" - Darlene

"My daughter has been taking classes at Forefront Arts for over an year and loves it. The program coordinator , Elizabeth, is wonderful with the kids and they have a nice bunch of homeschoolers in the Tuesday class too . Would recommend to anybody who is looking for a enriching outlet for their children."  -- Bhairavi

"My 11yo daughter has been w/ FF Arts for 2y and loves it. Highly recommend it. The improv classes are great. Elizabeth is a great instructor." -- Kimm

"I just want to say that Miss Mandi is really great with [my son]. The group is all girls otherwise, and some of them are a little unique, but she handles them so well and is so energetic." -- Amber

"You did such a good job with Riley that she got a key part in the school play. She will be doing that through February. Keep us on your list for spring"  - Leanne



"The scores show how hard the kids worked, but they are truly a testament to how wonderful (Miss Haley) and Mr. Joshua are at leading and teaching them. You two are incredibly talented, and I honestly feel so thankful to have Avery as part of the JTF and JET troupes. She is learning from the best, and we are so grateful for the many hours of hard work and love that you guys put into each and every production. Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and role models for Avery" -- Kelly (JET & Competition Team mom)

"Thank you so much to all of you for having such a huge impact in our children's lives.  The confidence and courage they have is because of you!"  -- Nikkia (Lion King Jr cast mom)

"John is having the time of his life.  He absolutely loves the community you’ve created with Forefront Arts.  Thank you!" -- Ciannat (Lion King Jr cast mom)

"I am so grateful to you and Mandi for all you have done to foster in Carter a love for musical theater.  It is a true testament to Mandi that he has come out of this whole experience wanting to do it all again!!" -- Julianne (Schoolhouse Rock -- Buckhead cast mom)

Thank you for the information at the meeting today! I want to emphasize again what a great job Elise is doing with these kids. Addelyn absolutely loves going each week! We are so excited to have found Forefront Arts. -- Alena (Schoolhouse Rock -- Decatur cast mom)

The show was fantastic!!  Our family loved being part of the production and getting to know everyone.  Thanks for all your work to make it so well-coordinated and fun.  Looking forward to Wizard of Oz!  --Kelley (Schoolhouse Rock -- Brookhaven cast mom)

As always, my girls are loving it and are having a blast!!!  -- Mary Claire (Schoolhouse Rock -- Buckhead cast mom)

I highly recommend Forefront Arts! My kids have been with them for 5y. They are fantastic people. -- Kimm (Flat Stanley, Willy Wonka, Shrek cast mom)

Our daughter Isabel attends Bolton Academy and has been doing theatre with your group since kindergarten and summer camps. We loved the performance put together Saturday. You all did a great job and the kids loved it! -- Sylvia (Fall Showcase mom)

Great job with Saturday's performance. Really impressive to organize all of those schools into one cohesive performance. Biased of course but I thought our Bolton Academy girls were one of the best. Hee hee!  Patrick did a great job with them! -- Nancy (Fall Showcase mom)

Thank you Elizabeth!! You have the patience of a saint!! And the words of an angel. The way you work with the kids is a gift from God!!!! -- Juls (Frog and Toad  -- Johns Creek cast mom)

Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth, for providing Alana with such a wonderful first experience with performing arts. She was so proud and excited to be a part of Frog and Toad! -- Jodi (Frog and Toad -- Johns Creek cast mom)

A huge thank you from us, Ms. Elizabeth! It's been a fun time - both rehearsing and performing! Job well done by you and all the young actors!! -- Rachele (Frog and Toad -- Johns Creek cast mom)

Elizabeth, Thank you for all you do. The girls are having a blast and LOVING this week.  They are already talking about Shrek for next year. You have truly done an amazing job with this production. Thank you. I'm thrilled that there first experience with theatre has been such a positive one. -- Amy (Willy Wonka cast mom)

This is the wonderful cast of talented actors Avery performed with for Willy Wonka! I can't say enough great things about this group, Elizabeth Blakemore, director and her associates! Thank you for a fun-filled year, 4 sold out show and good friends made here. God bless you all this summer! -- Susan (Flat Stanley, Willy Wonka cast mom)

My son Robert is in the play and the Artistic Director is a great person! I highly recommend her theater arts program!  What a smashing success! The children performed in front of a packed house... The audience laughed out loud and the applause was thunderous! What a great group of budding actors! Thank you Elizabeth & Andrew for all your hard work throughout this year! -- Jeannette (Flat Stanley, Willy Wonka cast mom)