Acting, Singing, Dancing, and Creative Play!  

Storybook Adventures is a creative dramatics class that uses creative movement, dance, music, drama, and puppets to help preschoolers develop creativity, confidence, and communication. It's the perfect introduction to theatre for young children! Each class features fun creative activities including physical and vocal warmups, confidence-boosting drama games, puppets, singing & dancing, acting out stories, and gradually building our performance skills as we work on an performance inspired by “Winnie the Pooh!”


Storybook Explorers uses drama, storybooks, music, movement, puppets, and dance to help preschoolers develop literacy, speech, and language skills. Each class focuses on a specific letter or sound while we sing & dance, play confidence-boosting drama games, speak and listen to each other while we create and act out stories, and gradually build our performance skills as we work on a performance inspired by “Winnie the Pooh!”


Pre-Dance Foundations (Ballet / Jazz / Tap) instills a love of dance in young children in a fun and caring environment!  Dance Class features fun warmups, across-the-floor work, technique time, dance vocabulary, and units in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap throughout the year. Dancers will develop their motor skills while they cultivate their imagination, creativity, and social development while working on a variety of dance skills such as Counting, Coordination, Left/Right differentiation, Mirroring, and Rhythm. Dancers will perform in the Spring Showcase recital or an In-Class Parent Sharing at the end of the season! 

Every preschool Dance or Drama class culminates in a performance in the Spring Showcase recital or an In-Class Sharing.


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You can also take any individual class by itself.

On the class schedule DANCE classes are blue, VOICE classes are pink, and THEATRE classes are YELLOW so you can easily see how to arrange your student's schedule throughout the week.



Broadway Bound is the first step in our Performer's Journey! Ages 3-5 will attend 2 45-minute classes each week: Storybook Adventures (creative dramatics & musical theatre) and Pre-Dance Foundations (ballet / jazz / tap).  

 We have grouped Broadway Bound classes back-to-back in 90-minute throughout the week at multiple locations for your convenience, OR you can mix-and-match from our weekday and weekend class options at any location to create your own Broadway Bound schedule.

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